Solid’R, the Ethical label

guaranteeing the environmental, social and economic benefit of donations

Ethics and solidarity: 2 founding principles

The Solid’R label identifies social-economy enterprises that collect second-hand goods and have opted to emphasise their ethical principles.

These principles are stated in a charter that also guarantees transparent allocation of funds. The system is checked by independent body Forum Ethibel, which guarantees compliance with these principles.

Solid’R – more than a donation

The impact of labelled enterprises is threefold:

+ Reuse: by prioritising and maximising the reuse of the goods they collect, the Solid’R members increase their life, which has a positive impact on the environment
+ Jobs: by preserving the full value chain locally (collection, sorting, preparation for reuse and sale), Solid’R enterprises help create local jobs
+ Solidarity: the profits are reinvested in solidarity projects in Belgium and Southern countries.

The recovery and reuse of materials or objects was initiated on a large scale in the 1950s by the social economy based actors; pursuing a humanitarian and / or social purpose.
The recovery, sorting, repair and recovery, within the social economy framework, make possible to offer job to many low-skilled workers. In addition, to reinject all the margins generated for social and humanitarian goals.
The presence of private operators, sometimes under a pseudo-humanitarian cover, is a source of confusion in the public. This is why RESSOURCES Federation set up the Solid’R label:

  • To distinguish organizations that commit themselves, voluntarily, to comply with ethical rules and the social economy criteria by an independent certifying body.
  • To distinguish the organizations playing with transparency.

Like this, the citizens wishing to donate their textiles, can do it knowing who are behind the binds, and with  the goal to promote solidarity and social goals.

Why Solid’R?

Who are your Solid’R partners ?

How to apply for the Solid’R label

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